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Best Cream Tea in Orkney: Top 6!

Nestled amidst the rugged landscapes of Orkney, Scotland, lies a charming tradition waiting to be savored: Cream Tea.

As the chilly sea breeze sweeps over the picturesque countryside, locals and visitors alike gather in quaint tearooms to indulge in this timeless ritual.

Picture yourself seated by a cozy fireplace, surrounded by the warmth of hospitality as you're presented with a delightful spread.

Freshly baked scones, still warm from the oven, beckon with their golden crusts, ready to be adorned with clotted cream and homemade jam.

With each bite, you're transported into a world where time slows down, allowing you to fully appreciate the simple pleasures of life in this enchanting corner of Scotland.

Welcome to the experience of Cream Tea in Orkney, where every sip and bite is a celebration of tradition, taste, and tranquility.

1. The Strynd Tea Room

The Strynd Tea Room

The Strynd, Broad St, Kirkwall KW15 1HG, UK
01856 871552
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Nestled in the heart of Kirkwall, The Strynd Tea Room offers a quaint vintage ambiance perfect for a leisurely afternoon.

Despite its busy lunch hours, the tea room promises a delightful retreat with its inviting atmosphere and cozy decor.

Indulge in their deliciously light scones accompanied by generous servings of jam and cream, paired perfectly with a pot of their specialty tea.

While the menu offers standard fare, the attention to detail in their traditional cream tea experience makes it a worthwhile visit for tea enthusiasts and nostalgic souls alike.

2. Birsay Bay Tearoom

Birsay Bay Tearoom

Palace, Birsay, Orkney KW17 2LX, UK
01856 721399
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Birsay Bay Tearoom is a hidden gem nestled in Palace, Birsay, Orkney, offering a delightful cream tea experience.

The open and airy cafe provides stunning views, creating a perfect atmosphere for indulging in a leisurely tea time.

The welcoming staff and charming dainty tea cups add to the overall warmth of the place.

The scones at Birsay Bay Tearoom are a highlight, described as excellent by patrons.

Remember to secure a reservation, as this popular spot fills up quickly, ensuring you won't be dissatisfied with this culinary journey in the heart of Orkney.

3. Fernvalley Tearoom

Fernvalley Tearoom

Fernvalley Tearoom, Orkney KW17 2HB, UK
01856 751461
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Fernvalley Tearoom is a cozy gem nestled in the heart of Orkney, offering a delightful escape into tranquility.

Its charming ambiance and warm hospitality make it a must-visit spot for locals and tourists alike.

The tearoom's picturesque setting and serene surroundings create the perfect atmosphere for a leisurely afternoon indulgence.

Indulge in the quintessential British tradition of cream tea with Fernvalley Tearoom's exquisite offerings.

Savor freshly baked scones paired with decadent clotted cream and homemade jam, served alongside a steaming pot of fragrant tea.

Each bite is a heavenly combination of light, fluffy scones and rich, creamy toppings that tantalize the taste buds and leave you craving more.

Don't miss out on this delightful experience at Fernvalley Tearoom, where every bite is a taste of perfection.

4. Emily’s


Mill house, Lyness, Stromness KW16 3NU, UK
07706 825748
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Emily’s Tea Room nestled in the quaint Mill House in Lyness, Stromness is a must-visit spot for cream tea enthusiasts.

The cozy ambiance coupled with friendly service makes it a delightful retreat for locals and tourists alike.

Indulge in their scrumptious cream tea comprising freshly baked scones served with clotted cream and homemade jam, paired perfectly with a steaming pot of their finest tea.

The generous portions and quality ingredients ensure a satisfying experience that will leave you craving for more.

Overall, Emily’s offers a charming setting to relish traditional cream tea delicacies, making it a standout destination in Hoy Orkney Islands.

5. Wild Heather Crafts

Wild Heather Crafts

Mill House, Lyness, Stromness KW16 3NU, UK
01856 791213
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Nestled in the charming Mill House at Lyness, Wild Heather Crafts exudes warmth and tranquility.

The cream tea experience here is a must for its idyllic setting and welcoming ambiance.

The rustic charm of Emilys Tea Room makes it an ideal escape to savor a delightful cream tea.

The scones are a highlight – freshly baked, warm, and paired perfectly with clotted cream and homemade jam.

The delicate balance of flavors in every bite is a testament to the craftsmanship of their culinary offerings.

Don't miss the extensive selection of Orkney Ice Cream, adding a sweet note to your visit.

Wild Heather Crafts seamlessly combines a cozy atmosphere with a scrumptious cream tea, making it a destination worth experiencing.

6. Trenabies Cafe Bistro

Trenabies Cafe Bistro

16 Albert St, Kirkwall KW15 1HP, UK
01856 874336
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Trenabies Cafe Bistro is a must-visit for its inviting ambiance and friendly service.

The cozy atmosphere makes it perfect for enjoying a delightful cream tea experience.

Indulge in their scrumptious scones served with clotted cream and jam, accompanied by a steaming pot of tea.

Overall, Trenabies Cafe Bistro offers a delightful cream tea experience, with excellent service and mouthwatering treats that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Whether you're catching up with friends or enjoying a quiet afternoon, this charming bistro is the perfect spot to relax and indulge in a delicious cream tea.

6 Best Cream Tea in Orkney, Scotland for 2024

  • The Strynd Tea Room
  • Birsay Bay Tearoom
  • Fernvalley Tearoom
  • Emily’s
  • Wild Heather Crafts
  • Trenabies Cafe Bistro
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